San Antonio Dental X-Rays

You might think x-rays are just another not-so-interesting component to general dentistry in San Antonio, but things have changed. Like the rest of the world dental x-rays have gone digital. This means less time in the dental chair posing for uncomfortable x-rays. You and our dental team are exposed to up to 80 percent less radiation than the bulky x-rays of the past. 

Having access to digital and panoramic x-rays far surpasses the traditional film x-rays as far as a convenience for both you and the dentist. We can view your x-rays immediately, together in our state-of-the-art treatment rooms on clear monitors. You won’t see us struggling with dated x-ray films and lightboxes. Having digital access to your x-rays gives us the ability to enlarge and enhance the images for an even more precise view for you and the doctor. Want to learn more about digital x-rays? You can ask us questions online or by phone anytime. We’re always happy to help you learn more.