San Antonio Dental Hygiene

There’s not a person in the world who will tell you they don’t like the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth. Sure, they feel good after you brush and floss them at home. But there’s something about a professional dental hygiene cleaning that takes your smile to the next level. 

At Bright Smile Dental by Dr. Alejandro Cavazos, we provide advanced dental hygiene treatments thanks to our advanced ultrasonic scaler. Forget the metal scraping from the cleanings you’ve experienced in the past. We use the scaler to achieve even better results in half the time. Ultrasonic scalers are becoming more standard in general dentistry in San Antonio because they use sound waves to remove your tartar buildup both below and above your gumline. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile that’s free from bad bacteria and bad breath. Making routine dental hygiene visits with our talented team will help you enjoy a healthy smile that lasts longer and achieves your optimal overall health.