San Antonio Fluoride Treatments

At Bright Smile Dental by Dr. Alejandro Cavazos, we believe in the power of fluoride treatments to help save and protect teeth from harmful decay that leads to cavities. What is fluoride and where can you find it? It’s actually a mineral that you can find in some of the foods we eat and the water we drink. We rely on this mineral to replace other naturally-occurring minerals that are lost due to acid erosion. This is a process known as demineralization, and it is caused by annoying plaque bacteria and sugars attacking your tooth’s enamel. So how do we fight back? We go the opposite route using a process called remineralization via in-office fluoride treatments. The fluoride will:

  • Help prevent tooth decay in both children and adults
  • Make teeth more resistant to plaque bacteria
  • Reverse signs of decay
  • Helps aid in the development of healthy permanent teeth for kids

Fluoride will also speed up the remineralization process while disrupting harmful acid production in both kids and adults. We recommend everyone have a fluoride treatment at every visit.