HealthyStart® for Children in San Antonio

Improved Breathing. Sound Sleep. Straight Teeth (No Braces).

What if your San Antonio dentist could help your child get better school grades? It sounds odd, but it’s true, thanks to innovative, preventive care with HealthyStart. Backed by over 50 years of satisfied patients (and parents), this system can open up the airway and straighten smiles without the price tag associated with braces.

HealthyStart is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Free from pharmaceuticals
  • Comfortable for all ages

What does this have to do with improvement in school performance? Let us show you.

How HealthyStart Works

Over four million kids worldwide are HealthyStart® success stories using a series of oral appliances designed to correct sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). SDB can range from frequent snoring to sleep apnea, affecting an estimated nine out of ten children. HealthyStart in San Antonio works with the natural forces of your little one’s erupting teeth. They wear a custom, comfortable oral appliance that gently guides teeth to a more balanced alignment. As a certified HealthyStart provider, Dr. Cavazos can help correct growth and alignment problems in their upper and lower jaw to allow more room for adult teeth. (No additional orthodontic treatment is necessary!) We solve issues naturally. When breathing and sleep are better, children can function at school on a new level you never thought possible.

What Are HealthyStart Benefits?

Some of the most common signs of SDB are snoring, irritability, lack of sleep, bedwetting, obesity, and more. It can affect your child’s oral and overall health in many ways. Make them happy again with the many benefits of the HealthyStart system, including:

  • Proper jaw and airway development
  • Promoting breathing through the nose
  • Straightening teeth without braces or aligners
  • Positioning tongue properly to end thrusting
  • Eliminating thumb sucking
  • Correcting bite issues early
  • Fixing crooked teeth and a gummy smile

When a child can get quality sleep and breathe right, they’ll experience a more positive result on their overall focus and problem-solving skills as they mature. HealthyStart gives parents the power to improve children’s lives in a way that’s not scary or costly.

What’s also beneficial for parents is how the HealthyStart appliances open the airway and shift the jaw forward while straightening teeth into a more balanced bite. Other clear aligners don’t address underdevelopment in your child’s jaw.

Finally, we want to address one of the most common questions we receive, “If I do HealthyStart for my child, will they still need braces?” The answer to this is: It depends, It’s a case by case issue, but generally speaking, kids that follow the HealthyStart program require very little touch ups with Invisalign, which Dr. Cavazos can do as well.

Your family is unique and deserves nothing but the best dental care in San Antonio. Dr. Cavazos and his team are highly trained in giving kids a HealthyStart for a happier life. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about this one-of-a-kind treatment solution.