San Antonio General Dental Technology

As you take a look around our site, you’ll notice we talk a lot about our dental technology. It’s because Dr. Alex Cavazos along with his team are proud of our advanced tools and technology because they make dentistry easier on you and us! Every type of treatment we offer, from general dentistry in San Antonio to more complex dental restorations, is made more effective by technology. 

Believe it or not, technology can help you learn more about dentistry, reduce pain or discomfort, help you heal faster, and get a first-hand view of what’s going on inside your mouth. One of our most valued pieces of technology is our intraoral cameras. They’ve come to replace those restrictive, round hand-held mirrors you might remember your dentist struggling with in the past. An intraoral camera looks like a pen and can maneuver all through the mouth, showing us what’s going on much more clearly than a regular visual examination. Both you and Dr. Cavazos will be able to see what the camera captures instantaneously, for a clear picture of your oral health.