San Antonio Mouthguards

Mouthguards from your San Antonio general dentist are far different than the boil-and-bite versions you find at any sporting goods or department stores. This is because they’re customized for you for a perfect fit that won’t interfere with your game or getting a good night’s rest. Your mouthguard is backed by the experience and training our team has in all things dental health, so you know you and your family will have a smile that’s protected the right way. Which custom dental mouthguard is right for you? Check out your options and then schedule a consultation to discuss your needs with us.

Sports Mouthguards – There are certainly a lot of sporting options in San Antonio, so that means you need something to protect your teeth. From the tiniest of toddlers to more seasoned veteran athletes, we’re all at risk for injuring our smiles. Can you guess what the most dangerous sport is for your smile? (We’ll give you a hint: it’s not an obvious high-impact or contact sport.) Turns out it’s pretty dangerous being a baller, because basketball is the number one sport where you need to wear a mouthguard. Talk to us about a custom-fitted option for everyone in your family to protect your smile investment.

Nightguards – Do you or someone you know grind their teeth while they sleep? That’s a condition known as bruxism and it can negatively affect your:

  • Teeth
  • Bite
  • Jaw

One of the worst things about bruxism is that you don’t even know you’re clenching and grinding the night away because you’re asleep. We might recommend you try a specially-designed mouthguard. It will fit perfectly for a comfortable night’s rest that’s free from further damage.

Therapeutic Splint – Dr. Alex Cavazos has special technology and training to help patients struggling with TMJ pain and bite issues. He can create a custom therapeutic splint designed to help alleviate your issues and promote better jaw function.