San Antonio Periodontal Therapy

If you’ve ever done a little research or have had issues with your gums in the past, then you probably know how important it is to keep them healthy. That’s where periodontal therapy from your San Antonio general dentist can come to the rescue of a smile that’s in trouble. Gums often go unnoticed or overlooked. Their job is to just hold our teeth in place and protect them from decay and danger, right? They do all that and so much more, according to recent scientific findings. Research shows a direct link between your gum health and your overall physical health. Your gums do an incredible job of protecting your teeth but fail miserably in terms of not allowing any diseases or infections happening in them to spread to your bloodstream. Everything from cancer and cardiovascular disease to low-birth babies and diabetes has been linked to gum disease. 

Our solution for periodontal therapy that you can rely on to work fast is Arestin®. It’s a tough-acting antibiotic applied directly to your gum pockets to help heal your infection fast.