San Antonio Partials & Dentures

At Bright Smile Dental by Dr. Alejandro Cavazos, we understand what it feels like to be facing a new life with dentures. It’s venturing into the unknown. Maybe you’ve wondered:

  • Will it feel strange or uncomfortable? 
  • Am I going to look different?
  • Will I speak normally?
  • Can I eat the same foods?

To make the most of your denture experience, you need a dentist you can trust like Dr. Cavazos. He won’t do anything to your natural teeth without first partnering with you and getting to know your dental needs. If we decide partials or dentures are the right fit for your budget and lifestyle, you’re going to be in great hands. The advancements in today’s dental technology and tools make the dentures of today way more advanced than your grandmother’s false teeth. 

Forget about average, uncomfortable denture-mill teeth. With us, you’re going to experience what it feels like to have dentures that are specifically made to fit every curve of your mouth comfortably. We’ll make sure they’re so artfully crafted, no one will know they’re not your natural teeth except you (and us)!