San Antonio Endodontics

Restorative dentistry in San Antonio would not be complete without endodontics or root canals. They’re important to help fix failing teeth, but they’re also one of the most misunderstood treatments in dentistry. The minute a patient hears the words “root canal” they immediately imagine the worst and think about pain.

We want you to forget everything you know or have experienced with endodontics in the past. Times have changed and so has the technology, so root canals are more pain-free and easier than ever. We can save damaged or decayed teeth with highly advanced anterior and premolar root canal treatments. The best part is we do all of this in the comfort of our San Antonio restorative dentistry office, with the team you know and trust. You won’t be driving around town looking for a referral! Say goodbye to annoying, painful inflammation, infection, and sensitivity. Say hello to your natural tooth saved from extraction and discomfort!