San Antonio Dental Fillings

Maybe you’ve gone your whole life and never needed a filling, until now. Or maybe you’ve got an old silver filling or two that are loose and in danger of falling out. Whatever the case may be for you to need a filling, we hope you’ll feel safe in the hands of our talented team and Dr. Alex Cavazos. Gone are the days of the old “drill and fill” school of thought. Today’s fillings are far more advanced and far more strategic than dental restorations of the past. 

Dr. Cavazos only uses composite or tooth-colored material for fillings. When your treatment is complete, no one will ever know you’ve had a filling. All they’ll be able to focus on is your naturally beautiful, full smile. Your teeth are assured to look better, function more properly, and feel like a million bucks. Find out more about how today’s fillings are a whole new way to experience restorative dentistry.