San Antonio Tooth Recontouring

Are you unhappy with the length or shape of your teeth? There’s a chance your cosmetic dentist might be able to help alleviate your issues with tooth recontouring. This type of cosmetic procedure involves removing very tiny strips of the enamel from your teeth, to achieve the desired shape, length, and look.

What Dr. Alex Cavazos can accomplish will astound you! In just a short time, using state-of-the-art laser dentistry, we’re able to enhance the appearance of individual teeth to completely improve the overall balance and beauty of your smile. Tooth recontouring is generally part of a larger treatment plan or goal such as a full-mouth restoration. Recontouring is beneficial to your smile in the long run because it’s used to:

  • Smooth out bumps
  • Trim overlapping teeth
  • Fix teeth that are shaped irregularly
  • Remove pockets where food and bacteria buildup

Your newly recontoured teeth will not only look and feel fantastic, but they’ll also be easier to clean and maintain too.