San Antonio Crown Lengthening

Your cosmetic dentist has so many amazing tools and techniques he can use to give you the enhanced smile you’re looking for. One of the lesser-known, yet highly effective types of these treatments is crown lengthening. Dr. Cavazos can do most crown lengthening procedures in the comfort of our San Antonio cosmetic dentistry office using highly advanced laser dentistry. However, if your case is a little more complicated, it may be referred out to a trusted specialist.

Generally, we turn to crown lengthening to fix a damaged tooth or one that isn’t exposed enough to support a restoration such as a filling or a crown. Sometimes, we have a tooth that breaks off at the gum line or a crown or filling that comes loose from a badly decayed tooth. This is where a crown lengthening procedure can help to expose more of your enamel by gently removing some unwanted gum tissue and bone. Have you ever been told you have a “gummy smile?” Crown lengthening safely removes excess gum tissue to reveal your natural, beautiful smile.