San Antonio Composite Bonding

Have you been looking for a cosmetic treatment that can fix your smile in as little as one visit? Maybe it’s time you considered the positive, dare we say life-altering effects composite bonding can have on your life, courtesy of your artful cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Cavazos. Not all patients are ready for the commitment that comes with porcelain veneers or crowns, so composite bonding is a conservative solution to consider.

We’ve seen patients with so many common dental problems leave our office with an enhanced smile that they simply can’t stop showing off thanks to composite bonding. Do you have any of these issues that you’re looking to correct?

  • Teeth that are noticeably chipped or cracked
  • A gapped smile filled with irregularities
  • Minor discolorations you can’t seem to fix with regular teeth whitening
  • Teeth that are too small or too short

Composite bonding is applied directly to your teeth to reshape your smile with custom shading and shaping. Once the bonding is all set, we’ll even polish your new set of pearly whites to make them smooth and bright.