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Your Dentist Will Un-discover The Truth Your Teeth Tell

Your Dentist Will Un-discover The Truth Your Teeth Tell

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The majority of people do not realize that a smile conveys so much more than just mood. A smile is considered the best gesture to communicate your happiness, sociability, but at the same time, it also shows your teeth. In addition to having a huge effect on the overall appearance of your smile, your teeth also reveal the hidden dark secrets about you, be it the good and the bad habits you possess and your lifestyle.

Not many will tell you the same. But soon after your examination, your dentist at the cosmetic dental care in San Antonio will inform you so many secrets about your teeth. So, before you go for the best orthodontic treatment to improve your smile, read on further to understand what type of “extra information” the dentist can extract upon seeing and understanding your teeth.


Just by looking at your completely unique teeth, your dentist might be able to tell something about your age. This is because younger people tend to have more rounded teeth especially those in front. In the case of the adult, it is generally square.

Humans lose approximately one to five millimeters in the length of their central incisors (two front teeth) during their lifetime, so older people have shorter front teeth.

On the other hand, the lateral incisors (next to the central incisors) are slightly shorter and more rounded in the case of women. But, in case of men, it is usually square shaped and almost the same length as their central incisors.

These physical changes, as well as a change in the shade of the teeth, can be due to wear and diet over the years.


Just by looking at the teeth for once, your orthodontist will be able to tell whether you grind your teeth or chew your nails. He can also tell you whether you are stressed for something or not. By seeing small chips in the teeth or wear on the chewing surface, they can identify the same and help you come up with a way of relieving stress in a healthy manner. If you were a prolonged thumb sucker, you may have protruding teeth, speech problems or an uneven bite problem – many of which can be fixed with best orthodontic treatments. By providing orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist is able to offer smile enhancement, restoration, and maintenance treatments for optimal dental health.


The cuspids, or “canines,” play a vital role in letting your dentist know about your behavior. While the larger, more prominent and pointed ones indicate a more aggressive personality. The smaller rounded or flattened ones indicate more passive personality traits. When in anger, frustration or anxiety, few people clench or grind their teeth, which is visible as wear along the edges of the teeth.


The stained teeth creates the impression of the unhealthy lifestyle, although this is not always the case. While the common culprits responsible for stained teeth are soda, wine and candy, and healthy alternatives such as tea and berries can also stain the teeth and cause decay. Hence, it is advised to follow a good hygiene regimen that includes brushing and flossing regularly. This will help prevent decay and stains from developing so you can project a more healthy appearance.

If your teeth do not convey the healthiest dental identity, schedule an appointment with Bright Smile – your own personal “tooth detective.” One of the best orthodontic treatment providers in San Antonio, Bright Smile Clinic can help you improve your smile, oral health and follow the path of healthy lifestyle.

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