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Crooked Teeth, In Detail – Causes and Treatment

Crooked Teeth, In Detail – Causes and Treatment

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Crooked teeth affect millions of people across the globe. But ever pondered why do our teeth become crooked, and what can be done about it? There are numerous reasons as to why the teeth may grow crooked, twisted, or overlapping.

The first step is to diagnose the problem. And to diagnose the problem, you need to know the causes. The orthodontist at the cosmetic dental care clinic in San Antonio will decide on the best course of action for treating your crooked teeth problem or misaligned bite.


There are many people who have small mouth, which leads to crowding of teeth, thereby resulting in either shifting or crooked teeth. Other reasons responsible are the upper and lower jaws of a person being malformed or not the same size. This can result either in the overbite, where the upper jaw is excessively protruded or an underbite, where the lower jaw is protruded forward. It can cause the teeth and the lower jaw to extend beyond upper teeth.


Other than the one stated above, there are many underlying causes behind why the teeth become crooked at the different stages of our lives. Below are enlisted the most common ones


    If your parents have crooked teeth, there exists a strong possibility that you might too suffer from the same. Genetics have a big impact on your chances of inheriting misaligned teeth or jaws. A small jaw can also increase your risk of crowded teeth, simply due to a lack of space.


    The early loss of both adult and baby teeth is responsible for crooked teeth because it creates space which further affects the positioning of the remaining teeth. This causes the remaining teeth to drift a little bit to fill up the available gaps, thus affecting the actual position and shape of the teeth. Sometimes, baby teeth can be replaced by larger adult teeth which due to limited space overlap and crowd together.


    Habits such as thumb sucking in children put pressure on your teeth (much like a brace) – forcing them to move into a different position. Typically thumb sucking results in an open bite, thus creating a gap where your upper and lower teeth don’t bite together.


    If your gums suffer from any problem, be it injury or disease, it can eventually affect your teeth. Further, the gum disease can cause teeth to become loose and change their alignment as well as your bite.


    If you suffer an injury to your face, the force could cause your teeth to move and become misaligned. A trauma could also affect the position of your jaw or damage your gums, which in turn could cause your teeth to shift.

Whatever the cause of your crooked teeth, there is a solution. Braces are a very effective way to straighten wayward teeth. And, if you wear your retainers regularly, then definitely your teeth will stay straight for a longer span of time. In extreme cases, like a severe underbite or overbite, it is highly advisable to visit a cosmetic dentist San Antonio as they will conduct more extensive evaluation and will suggest the treatment further.

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